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Lack of sleep is a major risk factor for metabolic disease and accelerated aging.

New studies confirm that high glycation levels are significantly associated with sleep disturbances (1). The consequences are terrible: the risk of obesity doubles for every hour less sleep. In just a few days, sleep restriction increases insulin resistance, leading to metabolic syndrome (2).

Failure to respect the biological clock that regulates sleep is therefore at the heart of the increased risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and accelerated aging. 

To a certain extent we can correct the lack of sleep, very common in modern societies, by taking a nap, knowing that a 20-minute nap is enough to have a beneficial effect on the metabolism. 

Logically, good quality sleep, at least 7 uninterrupted hours per night, can reduce glycation and break the vicious cycle of accelerated aging (3).

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[Glycation is one of the major causes of aging. Resulting from the fixation of sugars on the proteins constituting the organism, glycation generates toxic compounds that cause cellular aging. Glycation is particularly involved in metabolic disorders, skin aging and cognitive decline.]

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