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Among the numerous ways of tackling aging, fighting glycation appears as one of the most promising.
Put on the market for the first time in 2012 in France, AGE BREAKER is the first nutraceutical program able to reverse the effects of glycation.


Recognized by anti-aging medicine specialists on all continents, AGE BREAKER products allow the fight against aging to enter a new aera of efficiency.



Skin aging (wrinkles, dark spots, loss of elasticity…) is at the crossroads of many factors including especially genetics, hormonal decline, photo-aging, oxidation, risky behaviour...

At the heart of these processes, glycation is the mechanism that leads to faster aging and complications of aging.


Skin aging can be controlled by adopting a specific lifestyle and following an AGE BREAKER SKIN HEALTH (nutritional supplement) treatment program. 




Protein metabolism refers to all chemical reactions taking place within an organism to enable it to absorb foods and convert them into amino acids, thus contributing to the smooth functioning of the organism.

Metabolic syndrome refers to the presence of a number of problems resulting from poor metabolism leading to an increase in cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and general premature aging. Many studies show that glycation is directly associated with the risk of metabolic syndrome.


Protein metabolism can be controlled by adopting a specific lifestyle and following
an AGE BREAKER METABOLISM (nutritional supplement) treatment program.




Cognition refers to all mental processes, such as knowledge, working memory, language, reasoning, intelligence, perception and attention.

Cognitive performances decline with age after 45 years, and increasingly quickly. Recent studies show that glycation is a major factor in the aggravation of cognitive dysfunctions.


The cognitive functions can be maintained and improved through the adoption of a specific lifestyle and by following an AGE BREAKER COGNITION (nutritional supplement) treatment program.




Founded in 2012 in Lyon France, AGE BREAKER is aimed at developping and promoting highly effective nutraceuticals intended for the prescription of preventive and anti aging medicine.